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The music of your life
in 4 part harmony!

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Here are 3 ways to get in touch with us!

Sorry, but we have stopped our Carrier Pigeon Service.. but still have two "old school ways"!



Telephone 416•691•4465

Remember when we used to use phones to contact each other?

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Even better.. remember when we used to write actual letters?

The Retro Ramblers
293 Scarborough Rd
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M4E 3M9


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The Retro Ramblers perform the music of your life time, the best of the oldies, delivered in 4 part harmony!


The Retro Ramblers perform hot songs and ballads delivered with snappy repartee.

Big or Small Events

A corporate tribute, a product launch, an intimate gathering. All good.

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